We were walking along the shore. The water was so clear I could see the stones below the surface. I went deeper, even though she told me not to. My clothes were getting wet. I didn’t care, though. At the end of our walk we looked at aprons in the store. I really liked the blue and pink one with the crocheted top. But I didn’t get it. It was too long. On the walk back a girl sat up from her towel and asked me the time. I thought it had only been about fifteen minutes passing.

She said, Time goes fast.

Back at home, I noticed my 16mm camera was hanging on the fridge. I had not left it in that position. That’s when she said she was guilty. That she had been using my camera the whole time.

There were cookies in the oven. I went to take them out, but she stopped me. They were not ready, yet.