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The oranges were plump and rotting. Sagging back into themselves. I watched them, while she ate all of my tomatoes, drank the mint tea with leaves sprouting purple. It was a rooftop garden party where┬áI got bored. So I leaned over and pin-pricked holes into his pristine white tennis shoes, spelling out the phrase, “Pretend you’re lost.” That same night, I shared a bed with a couple. They had me set the alarm for 4am. The wife was pregnant and this was when she walked.


Four tornadoes whipped around in circles outside my window. I was concerned about their closeness. When a baseball was thrown right into the window. Not shattering it, but leaving behind a small peep-hole, enough space for only the ball to pass through and for us to look out into the ominous dark sky. At eye-level, nothing was separating us from the elements. It wasn’t until later that I discovered the grey sky had been seeping in all along, and slowly expanding into the room.