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I took his paintbrush and his paint to cover my walls pale yellow. I dipped my brush in the paint, only to realize how big the room really was and that it would take me a good amount of time to transform. So, I stopped. Sat down and waited for him in his truck. When he found me later in the driver’s seat he looked frustrated, but couldn’t help to laugh. It was the last place he expected to find me. A small game of hide and seek.

I was waiting for you, I smiled.

To which he replied, You would have been waiting a long time.

To seek and not be found might be the greatest disappointment. That, and an unfinished paint job.


I wanted to kiss him at every moment. It wasn’t until we got to the tree that I had the courage. We kissed lightly, then he pulled away.

“You barely kissed me.” He said.

“Your lips are dry.” I replied.

You took me down to the edge of the water and we both looked out over the rocky shore. On the sand bar a speedboat was wedged above a bolder. You commented on the boat. I think you wanted one.

As we stood there, your chest was bare and your body was wet. There was a towel wrapped around your shoulders and I rubbed my hands over your back to dry you off. That’s when you confronted me. You asked me why everything had to be on my schedule.

I didn’t understand.
I didn’t know you were mad.
All I knew was that I loved you.